Hey, I'm Andrew Kachnic.

I'm a young person at an unspecified age. I've worked with TypeScript, Go, Rust, React, Vue, Svelte, etc in the past. Currently learning Haskell and functional programming. Working at Transloadit


I have a tendency to work on conceptually stupid projects for my own enjoyment. So, I’ve attempted to filter this down to the not-so-stupid ones.


A minimal JSON parser, written in TypeScript

jason is a toy project for parsing and formatting JSON data. It is slower than the native JSON.parse(), but not by too large of a margin. It isn't too practical since JavaScript can already parse JSON, but it was interesting to build


A little javascript minifier written in Rust, with zero dependencies

crisp uses a pretty basic lexer to tokenize the Javascript and then works directly off those tokens. This cuts out the middleman of a parser, with minimal impact on it's output (maybe a couple chars more)


A tiny (180 bytes) template engine that gets right to the point!

koi is my attempt at something along the lines of a nanoid - a small utility that doesn't bring a ton of functionality, but still manages to be useful


A powerful, light micro-http framework

Using the lessons that I learned from my last attempt at a similar project, I built leaphttp with much simpler internals and a more powerful external API

Stacc Analytics

Privacy-first analytics your users will love

This is a hackathon project, so I'm not too sure if it counts but whatever. We built a powerful analytics platform that gives you all the essential statistics, but without the privacy invasion that you don't. It totally doesn't use firebase which we didn't realize was a major flaw until after we built it... oops


A fast, simple HTTP framework written in Typescript

So this was my technically my second go at an http framework, but kinda just a rebranding of the original onlinx. The internals aren't nearly as clean as leaphttp (so don't read the source), but the API is moderately okay. Also I apparently didn't know monorepos were a thing because I created a whole GitHub organization to house a grand total of one repo